Message from Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q.Kwanue Sr. PhD. founder & Chancellor of GIBU & GTS.

Bishop Prof Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. PhD.

WAEC.Ct., Com.Dip. AA, B.CE, M.Mis. DBS,Ph. D.PhCL. ED.Ph. & HD.Adm.

Greeting beloved brethren; I am deeply impressed to see the hands of God over my life, family and the University, it is not an easy tiger to work with People from divert background in (163) nations.

I must appreciate my wife Rev. Mot. Rita N. Kwanue who always gives me great courage.

I know that this Seminary been a blessing to millions of people around the World.

 Many thanks and appreciation to GTS faculty and Staffs. Welcome to Grace Theological Seminary GTS is a Tuition Free accredited and internationally recognized Bible Institution.

As God has given me this great and unique Vision, I must confess, that I am one of the blessed persons and most worthy man ever live.

My worth is in human’s connections, education, funding support, family, beautiful relationship, and wisdom from above. With all these, I chosen to be very humble and to implement the vision and assignment that God given me.

My Calling has been blessings to both people of highest and lowest levels in societies.

I am called to Global networking and education.

I have trained world first class Professors, Theologians, Philosophers, Lectures and leaders from different background in every geographical location of the World.

I usually made friend with Children and Students populate in general.

 Looking at the Survives today, there are too many challenges confronted, therefore God is finding the solutions by bringing the Grace international Bible University.

I have designed and composed many unique books, articles, Newsletters, and magazines as a way to show clear direction to everyone in need thereof.

It is amazing to see God working miracle through this institution. Students must be very committed as well as Lecturers and Professors.

In such time like this, there are troublesome people all over the world. The solution is through a solid Biblical education through Grace.

GTS is one of the fastest growing biblical University in the World in the 21st Century therefore, I am proud to be the founder, Chancellor, and international Director.  It is a surprising gift I am indeed excited.     

To God be the Glory!!!!

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. PhD.

Saint Martin’s Centre for Research & Accreditation Commission has Recognized and Accredit Rudolph Kwanue University, Grace Theology Seminary and International Accreditation Commission for Education IACE.

Grace International Bible University now Gerace Theological Seminary was recognized as member of United States of America Christian Accreditation board member.

Now Grace Theological Seminary is a member with Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries AICCS that is recognized in all 52 States in the USA.