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The purpose of Grace international Bible University is to help all churches and Christians fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Jesus said, All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth, go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age (Matt. 28:18–20).


Grace international Bible University helps Christians get the education they need by making Bible University affordable for people who are not able to pay thousands of dollars per year to attend a major Bible university. It makes Bible education available by its location right in the city at your own Church or Community. It makes Bible education achievable for people of all ethnic and socioeconomic groups. GIBU makes Bible education practical for those who want an education that focuses on training in the Bible, ministry, and the Christian life. And GIBU helps churches by developing loyal, competent members who will work with the pastor as he or she leads. Just what you’ve been looking for!

Grace International Bible University 35th and Rudolph Kwanue University 1st Online Graduation on July 1,2022.

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr.speaks to Grace International Bible University and Rudolph Kwanue University Graduates on July 1,2022 via zoom meeting.

Grace international Bible University=(GIBU)
GIBU do operates on four different Programs
REGULAR PROGRAM = in this Program, the University Dean of admission Office will admit a Student into the University Regular Degree Program. We accept students from all Levels into our Regular Degree Program. Baby Christian, Youth, adult, Youth Ministers and non-Christians.
This program runs from Certificate up to PhD. Length of time for each regular Program is as follows:
Certificate=Program (9) Nine months of intensive Studies. 21 Credits
Advance Diploma=Program (1) Year of intensive Studies. 30 Credits

Associate Degree = Program (2) years of Studies 60 credit hours in total
Bachelor Degree = Program (4) four Years of Studies 120 credit hours in total
Master Degree= Program (two) years 45 credit hours
Doctorate Degree =Program two years will require 70 credit .

2. FAST TRACK=(two years) this Program, GIBU usually helps conduct it to Ministers who have served the Lord from 20 years or above serving as Bishop, Pastor or senior Church leaders.

This means that they have been reading the Bible, attending so many Bible Schools, school of Ministries, attending Conferences, Ministerial Workshops and so many Ministerial Training. With this, upon our Administrative Evaluation results, we provide them the Opportunity to enroll into our Fast-track program. We do accept only Pastors, Bishops and oldest Church leaders on this Program, for Bachelor degree 20 Books, Master Degree 15, Books and Doctor Degree 10 Books with research works and Thesis, Dissertation, Project work. This program involved, insensitive reading, doing assignments, answering Quizzing questions.

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q.Kwanue,Sr. Addressed GIBU Rwanda Family

Grace International Bible University proposed Campus projects in Liberia

Accreditation membership in USA.

Bishop Elect. Dr. Rhonda Branch Yearby

Texas USA Director


A Candidate must finish reading the above approved books including the 3 three elective books. After this program, the doctorate Student will also select a Thesis Topic to write not less the 30,000 words equivalent to 500 pages.
All Thesis Topics much be first approved by GIBU Thesis Dissertation Department before proceeding.

GIBU DRC With Accelerated Degree Program

3. Accelerated Degree Program (2) rigorous/ intensive years; this Program is for all Most Oldest and prominent Church leaders of good reputation, celebrity and renown Senior Ministers who are not able enough to go to school again, we sometimes include some of our Senior National Leadership into such Program. Bachelor, Master, Doctor and PhD. These degrees Programs are  usually based on Life know-how, involvement, and experience.



Here are the lists of 80% of Books needed for the Bachelor Degree Program in accelerated Program:

1. Disciples of Christ (Volume One)
2. Introduction to Systematic Theology (Foundation for Faith)
3. Manuel for Christian Education
4. 700 Hundreds names and Deity of Christ
5. Christian Character Development
6. Bible Training Manuel by Dr.Frank A. Willett G.I.B.U international President
7. Biblical Counseling Manuel
8. Ministerial Practical Ministry

How to Teach, Preach, Interpret the Bible, Conduct Ordinations, Weddings, Burials, Dedicate a Child, ETC.

9. Apologetic
10. The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit
11. Systematic Theology
12. How the Bible Came to us (Bible History)
13. Major World Religion
14. Trinity
15. Church History

Master  Program books:

1. Disciples of Christ (Volume One)
2. Manuel for Christian Education
3. 700 Hundred names and Deity of Christ
4. Church History
5. Biblical Counseling Manuel
6. Pastoral Teaching ministry Manuel
7. Apologetic
8. Church Administration
9. Biblical Psychology
10. Leadership Development

Elective books

1. Systematic Theology
2. Major World Religion
3. Christian Character Development

Note: All Master degree Students will have to read complete (15) books and give their intellectual and emotional responses to prove to their Faculty Adviser that their lessons was well understood.

After reading these (15) approved books , a Master degree Candidate will then select a Thesis Topic and submit it to an International Faculty Advisor to be approved before beginning with a Thesis writing process.

Every degree should have courses from all 45 departments so as to develop breadth and balance in the student’s life.  Specific suggestions are delineated in the section on degree descriptions.

 GIBU pass Programs photos.


Grace International Bible University – National College

Usually meets in the facilities of Local churches in urban areas, with large, clean, comfortable classrooms and chapels in many Nations.


GIBU mission activities involves:
To equip all believers regardless of denominations
To train ministers, and church leaders,
To partner with other ministries and individual minister,
To sponsor a child education,
To provide students feeding programs,
To help the needy communities
To provide more scholarship for students,
To build Vocational, Academic Schools, and Colleges across the world.

And many opportunities to all people who may need it.





Rev. Ron Tisdal – Director for Florida – Online Director

Bishop Eric Johnson – Director for Georgia

Bishop Dr. Frank A. Willett – GIBU President – Maryland

Bishop Dr. Emmanual Irshad Masih – Director for Pennsylvania

Bishop Benjamin Paris – GIBU Prayer Director – Wisconsin

Rev. Dr Tony Kirby – GIBU Executive Director Australia – Oceania

Bishop Dr. Alexander Tweneboah – Director for Ghana

Dr. Davis Jack California Director

Dr. Anthony Walto -AEU

Bishop Dr. Immanuel USA

Bishop Prof.Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. Of GIBU signed accreditation agreement with Archbishop Prof. John Seeh of Holy Spirit Bible Institute of Asia

Rev. Dr. Charles J. Sathmary 
Director of Canada, and South America.
International President of Christian Leaders Connection CLC.
Vice President of International accreditation Commission for Education IACE.

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue of GIBU hold meeting with Other Bible Universities Leaders in Liberia

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue and his Family received GIBU registration document from the Liberia Government

GIBU lagel standing

Affiliation of GIBU

Bishop Prof.Rudolph with Leaders of different Churches in Sierra Leone

Grace International Bible University is accredited by International Association for Biblical Education in India

Bishop Dr. Mark GIBU UK Director

Dr. Charles J. Sathmary GIBU Canada Director

GIBU Canada Director Dr.Charles Dedicate plene.

Cll Alex Johnson GIBU Legal advisor

GIBU 2018 graduation ceremony

GIBU hosted International Submit in USA Georgia in 2019.

Worldwide Leaders of GIBU Women of Grace

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr. With GIBU Rwanda Family

Bishop Prof. Rudolph at Rwanda Airport with his host,at the hotel and at the table with GIBU family