Academy Degrees


Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr.PhD

Dear Students:

On behalf of Grace International Bible University community, I am delighted to welcome you! You have filled our school with renewed energy and excitement. With every new year comes new opportunities for academic and personal growth, and I look forward to encouraging you along this exciting journey of learning and discovery.

As students, you are the heart of our GIBU community, and the motivation of our faculty and staff. You are part of a proud university family that has come through our 1st year with flying colors and will continue to climb each year!

We ask you to join with us in preserving the values we cherish as an academic institution, fostering an atmosphere that is respectful, supportive, and welcoming to all.

As part of the college experience, you also will find camaraderie among peers who share your same interests. You have the opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable life skills through social, cultural, and recreational co-curricular activities. My online classes were some of my most valuable education personally.

We ask that you uphold the integrity of our GIBU community by serving as good neighbors and good stewards.

An exciting time at GIBU awaits you! We are so proud to have you with us, and I look forward to seeing you around the online campus throughout the year.


Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr.PhD

Founder & International Coordinator
West Africa, Liberia
Chairman on the Board of Trustees


GIBU can transfer all credits from accredited institutions such as colleges, seminaries, Christian universities, etc. Courses transferred must be equivalent in content and requirements to courses in the GIBU catalog. The credits must be reported on an official transcript.


No student has to wait for a full year or semester to start with studies. Different people study at different paces which means a student can now determine and maintain his or her own pace.

Students can register any time of the year as and when it suits the student best in terms of own circumstances, whether it be available funds, job requirements or any other circumstances. Our online learning programs serve students who: cannot attend our campuses  are unable to attend a Church-based Bible University in their city are pursuing a degree, but need to complete some courses through distance delivery online education brings the college with all its resources right into your home which you can access at any time of your choosing.

We have listed a number of advantages of online learning: Flexibility – You can access your course materials at any time of the day and night and from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access and a computer or similar device that has internet accessibility. We can also post your books to you if you choose this option.

Convenience -Campus classes are rigid whereas online study can be scheduled around work and family as long as you are disciplined and put in the necessary hours of work required for the online classes.

Access to instructors – you can email your instructor at any time with any question and have your questions answered promptly. You are the only person competing for the instructor’s attention.

Cost saving –Studying online will save you time and money by eliminating the need to travel to and from campus. The campus is right where you happen to be at any time.

Access to the world – Every quality resource that you may need to help you complete your classes is available on the internet. The internet can take you to far- flung places across the globe and connect you with unique pieces of information that may not be accessible in the traditional on-campus environment.

Global reach – Online study will place you in contact with other students from all over the world from different cultures which will give you an insight to other worldviews, which will allow help with your personal growth.


Students can start studying at any time during the year. They can also graduate as soon as they have completed their study program. GIBU will hold regional graduations ceremonies each year. Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees will be forwarded to students on completion of their studies.

GIBU Degree Programs

 REGULAR PROGRAM = in this Program, the University Dean of admission Office will admit a Student into the University Regular Degree Program. We accept students from all Levels into our Regular Degree Program. Baby Christian, Youth, adult, Youth Ministers and non-Christians.

This program runs from Certificate up to PhD.

Length of time for each regular Program is as follows:

  • Certificate=Program (6) Six months of intensive Studies.
  • Diploma=Program (9) Nine Months of intensive Studies.
  • Associate Degree = Program (2) years of Studies
  • Bachelor Degree = Program (4) four Years
  • Master Degree= Program (two) years or 18th Months
  • Doctorates Degree =Program two years /18th Months
  • Doctor of Philosophy PhD= Program two years /18th Months
  • .

. Grace = is (7) Schools in one that make up a Complete University with (40) Unique Departments.

 Each of these Departments is headed by GIBU International Professor and licensed Lecturer that report directly to a College Deans which the department fall under.

Grace is the World faster Growing Biblical University in the 21th Century, with renowned World Biblical Scholars, Professors and Lecturers.


  1. COLLEGE OF THEOLOGY (6) six Departments

 Archbishop Prof.  Emmanuel Osei Bonsu (USA  College Dean)

  1. Department of Systematic theology
  2. Department of Pastoral theology
  3. Department of Old testament theology
  4. Department of New Testament theology & Pauline theology
  5. Department of Practical theology & Historical theology
  6. Department of Divinity

Rev. Dr. Victor Daka (Zambia Dean).

  1. Department of Hebrew exegesis Greek Exegesis
  2. Department of Hermeneutics & Expository preaching
  3. Department of English language Lion C.D Livingstone (Nigeria)
  4. Department of French language



Bishop Prof. Daniel Ghansah …(Dean Ghana)

  1. Department of Evangelism and missions
  2. Department of Christian Apologetics
  3. Department of Religious studies
  4. Department of Church history



Rev. Dr. Samuel Buyah Koroma…(Dean Sierra Leone)

  1. Department of Christian Education
  2. Department of Christian Counseling
  3. Department of Biblical Psychology
  4. Department of Counseling psychology
  5. Department of Teacher education

Bishop Dr. Epidious B Mulopa

  1. Department of Christian leadership
  2. Department of Christian Business Management ( Frank Antwi  Boasiako)
  3. Department of Church Administration

Bishop Dr. Geoffrey Wambani  Mululu……… Dean (Kenya)

Department of Christian Character Development

  1. Department of Pastoral Ministry
  2. Department of Humanity


 Bishop Elect. Prof. Emmanuel Ofosu Asare  ( Dean (Ghana).

  1. Department of Counseling Philosophy
  2. Department of Education Philosophy
  3. Department of Philosophy in Church Administration
  4. Department of Philosophy in Christian Business Management
  5. Department of Philosophy in Christian leadership
  6. Department of Philosophy in Counseling psychology
  7. Department of Philosophy in Biblical Psychology
  8. Department of Philosophy in Religious studies
  9. Department of Philosophy in Mission and intercultural Studies
  10. Department of Philosophy in Divinity (Bishop Prof. John ) Ntaadu
  11. Department of Philosophy in Theology
  1. Learners can pursue dual specialty based on their thesis especially at the doctorate degree programs. For example, doctorate in Christian education and leadership which gives learners knowledge to be leaders of Christian education in their areas.

Master of ministry and Doctor of ministry (D. min) are for ministers who are interested in practical ministry experiences. Such learners can specialize in any of the above disciplines in a practical ministry approach. For example, Doctor of ministry in Christian formation and worship, D. min in pastoral counseling, D. min in Church planting Strategies and Church growth etc.

GIBU International Office in Australia has set up an Original Degree Copies Parenting Production

All those who need their Degree Original Copy can kindly take note of the following cost of fee involved for posting packages.

* High Quality Printing $5 USD
* High Quality Certificate Sheet $5 USD
* Package Envelope $10 USD
* Weight KG – $5 USD
* Posting Fee $25 USD
*Grand total $50 USD*

This is for single degree which is $25; this means that if you are requesting your students documents, please times (multiply) by the number of Degrees/Diploma needed.

Our National Director in Australia, Dr Tony Kerby is the only one approved to maintain the degree preparation and all CLC related documents in all direction.

N.B. All postage fees should be forwarded to GIBU Head Office in Liberia as suggested and agreed by Dr Tony to me.

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr.
Founder, Chancellor & International Director

Bishop. Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr. PhD.

Founder & International Director


  • Certificate in biblical studies
  • Ministerial diploma, in bible studies
  • Associate of ministry, in bible studies, ministry
  • Bachelor of ministry, Christian education, theology, divinity.
  • Master of ministry, Christian education, theology, divinity
  • Master of divinity (m.div.)
  • Doctor of ministry, Christian education, theology, divinity
  • Master of divinity, Christian education, theology, divinity
  • Master of ministry – specialist, Christian education, theology, divinity
  • Master of missions – missionary, Christian education,
  • Theology, divinity, Psychology, Counseling and Philosophy
  • Doctor of divinity, Christian education, theology, divinity
  • Doctor of philosophy in Christian education, theology, divinity

Student Goals

Upon graduation from GIBU, the student should:

Influence the culture and community through Christ like character, biblical Christian faith, and a transformed heart.

Lead by serving and equipping others to leverage their highest God-given potential.

Demonstrate discipline-specific competencies and an understanding of the broad fields of knowledge necessary for life-long learning and fulfilling one’s calling.

Exhibit love and respect while engaging and communicating with all people groups.

GIBU Leaderships

Our students experience and engage the world in ways that prepare leaders to serve and transform their professions, churches, and communities.

Academically Excellent

We seek to provide an excellent academic environment for the acquisition of both knowledge and wisdom.


Admission information and the application may be accessed at www.GIBU.US /  or via Whatsapp +23177-850-6462

Academic Transcripts

Applicants must submit official transcripts from each high school or college attended. Transcripts must show all course work and final grades.

Re-admission after an Absence

Students who have not enrolled in classes for a semester must apply to return. Please contact Admissions via Whatsapp # +231- 778-506-462

The admission process is essential to secure arrangements for the semester, such as financial calculations, transfer of intervening college work, technology account setup, and student ID renewal.

Students readmitted after an extended absence may be required to repeat courses in which content has changed significantly.

Readmission after Academic or Disciplinary Suspension

Students desiring to return after suspension must do so through an appeal process. See Appeals in the Academic

Students Admission

Students are admitted to GIBU based on prior academic performance, college admission exam scores, a personal statement, and potential for Christian Service as determined by the University.



The GIBU Library supports the curricular needs of students and faculty.

Library hours are posted on the university’s website. The Library’s Discovery Service gives students online access to multiple electronic materials such as journal and newspaper articles, eBooks, and theses or dissertations.  GIBU also Have e-liberary on Whatsapp +231778506462

GIBU is a member of LWEUBC which is also member in. a consortium of Charlotte academic libraries, which circulates print books and other materials between member institutions. Books and other resources can be requested via the Discovery Service and collected or returned at participating (LWEBUC) libraries.

Homework Submission 

Microsoft® Word™ is the default required format for homework submitted in online courses. Some courses require other formats for specific assignments.


GIBU provides course materials, essential information, important email communications, and other critical services via the internet. In most courses, internet access is required for weekly homework and assignments. Aided by the resources and support GIBU provides, it is each student’s responsibility to ensure adequate personal access to computer technology and the internet.

University Resources

Computer and internet access are available in the Library and other campus locations.

Technology accounts are assigned upon enrollment.

Students access course materials through D2L Brightspace, a web-based learning management system.

Grades and account statements are available through Whatsapp and ZOOM, the student information system.

Students are expected to monitor their university provided email account for essential communications.

  • Students and faculty qualify for access to Microsoft Office 365™ including free licenses to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Refunds: GIBU doesn’t have refund policy as of now.

Timeline: GIBU accept students at any time.


 Bishop Prof Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. PhD.

WAEC.Ct., Com.Dip. AA, B.CE, M.Mis. DBS,Ph. D.PhCL. ED.Ph. & HD.Adm.

Founder, Chancellor & International Director GIBU.

Founder and International Presiding Bishop of Christian Leaders Connection CLC.

Founder and International CEO of International Accreditation Commission for education IACE.

Chairman of the Executive Council GIBU.

Founder and President of Independent Council of Liberian Churches ICLC

And Founder and Senior Consultant of Women of Grace WOG/.

  1. Mother, Rita N. Kwanue co-founder GIBU (Liberia)

Senior Advisor to Bishop Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. and Women of Grace International President

  1. Bishop Prof. Frank Willett Th.D, PhD. & H.DD

GIBU International President ,Maryland, USA, the founder of World of truth Bible Academy.

Member of the Executive Council GIBU.

  1. Dr. Tony Kirby –

GIBU Executive Director Australia – Oceania international Graphics Designer, Member of the Executive Council GIBU.

  1. Bishop Prof. Yebiyo Ghebrezghi

(Sponsor GIBU)  Director of Democratic Republic of Congo, and International Vice President GIBU. And Member of the Executive Council GIBU.

  1. Bishop-elect. Prof. Emmanuel Ofosu Asare – Ghana,

(Dip Ed, BSc Pol.Sc., MTh, ThD. PhD

GIBU Chief Administrator (Registrar) Head of Philosophy Department,

Head of GIBU Curriculum Review Committee.

Executive Council General Secretary – GIBU.

7.Arch-Bishop Prof.  Emmanuel  O.B. Osei Bonsu

Adv. C. Manag., C.Eng., C.Min., C. ICT, Dip. Eng., Dip. Th., MA Th., MA Guidance & Counseling, MMin., DD, DCC, ThD, PhD

GIBU Theology Department Head USA. GIBU International Consultant

Presiding Archbishop, International Council For Gospel Churches

Deputy Director / Snr. Counselor, Center For Perfect Marriage, Oakland, California, USA

  1. Bishop Dr. Benjamin Paris -USA

International President of the International Accreditation Commission for Education (IACE) and Arch Bishop Solder of Christ Church Worldwide Also GIBU Prayer group leader.

  1. Rev. Dr. Charles Sathmary – Canada

IACE Vice President, Christian Leaders Connection International President who is the founder of Capital Hill Church Canada, Europe, Africa and North America. member of the Executive Council GIBU.

  1. Dr. Maureen Whitehead –Florida USA

 International Consultant member of the Executive Council GIBU.

11.Dr.Samuel S. Kargbo Medical Doctor

Sierra Leone Director GIBU

  1. Bishop Dr. Stephen Lewis M.CADM, D.Th

GIBU Liberia National Advisor

  1. Rev. Wallace B. Kamara B.Th, M.RE.
  2. GIBU Liberia Dean of Students
  3. Rev. Trustine Momo M.Th

GIBU National Coordinator

16.Bishop Prof. Daniel Ghanasah PhD.

International Dean Ghana.

17.Bishop Dr. Ntow Oppong Fred PhD.

GIBU greater Director- Ghana

  • Momodu Conteh D.BM

GIBU Sierra Leone Chairman and International Administrator

  1. Dr. Samuel Byiringiro –Rwanda Senior Advisor
  2. Dr. Stuart Smith GIBU Instructor USA
  3. Bishop Prof. Nana Alexander Tweneboah Yeboah PhD.

Lecturer, President of the students council, Director of Library and Director of GIBU Ghana..

  1. Pastor Dr Bessie Mba-Brightwell -USA

Director. New Jersey State, USA Chief Admin.Chaplain

  1. Apostle Dr. Antony Walto

Director of United Arabs Emirates AEU

  1. Bishop Dr.Mark UK Director
  2. Dr. Evans Ogo Igbokwe.

BSc, Com.Sic. B.Th. M.Th D.Ph ChEd.

Director GIBU Benin Republic. International Lecturer,

GIBU Administrative Staff Member,  G I B U – WOG International Administrator, GIBU Disciplinary committee member, Founder, PW Mobile Chapel.

  1. Bishop Yusuf Bangura Leone CLC Director – Sierra Leone

GIBU, Western Area Rural District Coordinator – Sierra Leone

  1. Bishop Dr. Eric Johnson PhD. –Georgian Director USA
  2. Bishop Dr. Pramod Goni –Indian Director
  3. Rev. Dr. Charles Ayub Qaiser –Pakistan Director
  4. Rev. Dr. Puckree Wesley –South Africa National Director
  5. Bishop Dr. Emmanuel Irshad Masih –USA Philadelphia Director
  6. Dr. Shamar Williams –USA New York Director
  7. 33. Mrs. Memory Mugabe- Zimbabwe Director
  8. Bishop Dr. Luke Director of Nigeria  South West Director and Lecturer GIBU.

35 Rev. Dr. Aruna Z. S. Macc-Conteh ( Lecturer ) – Sierra Leone

  1. Bishop Dr, Geoffrey Wambani Mululu Lecturer, /Bogouma Regional director GIBU Kenya.
  2. Apostle Dr. Frank Antwi Boasiako,

 CLC Assistant Director Ghana, Administrator GIBU Ghana Campus, Lecturer.

  1. Apostle Dr. Nizeyimana Vedaste-Asst. Director Rwanda.
  2. Rev. Dr. Hezborn Onyango Okal –Lecturer/Dean of Students- Kenya.
  3. Rev. Solomon P. Quincy-Tucker, -Sierra Leone

Deputy International head Christiian Education, National Administrator GIBU Sierra Leone.

  1. Rev. Past. Ayedey Kodjo Dovi. Assistant Director Benin Republic.
  2. Bishop Dr. Bernard Ogyiri Asare, BA, MA, MPhil, DD

CLC National Director, Ghana GIBU, Western Regional Director

GIBU International Welfare Committee Chairman

GIBU, Lecturer Ghana Campus.

  1. Ev.Ronald Ssekyanzi –Uganda coordinator
  2. Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H.S. Bangura,Sr. M.CC. H.Dv PhD.– Sierra Leone GIBU Founder and Chancellor’s Office Supervisor
  3. Rev. Dr. Samuel Deffie- Sierra Leone

Special Teacher Assistant (TA) to the University Chancellor. And International Communication Director

  1. Apostle Ralphique Bless Kantande,, National Coordinator GIBU Malawi.
  2. Pastor Joseph GIBU National Director,,,. Malawi
  3. Pastor Chiseka,, GIBU National ADMINISTRATOR,,, Malawi
  4. Apostle Dr. Blessing Anthony Dadzie Kpeglo

(C.Th, Dip.Th, B.Th, M.Th, Hon.DD, Certificate In IT)

International IT Director General, International Lecturer, Administrative Staff Member,

Chief Electoral Commissioner

  1. 51. Bishop Dr.Tapiwa Victor Manera -Mozambique Director

(C.Th,Dip.The,B.Th,Hon DD, Dip.Int Communication, Dip. International Bus Admin, Adv. Dip Risk Management, Dip International Relations(IR),Dip. Political Science, Cert in IT.

  1. Bishop prof. John Evans Ntaadu


Chairman- Local Council of Churches. Regional Head: International Council for Gospel Churches , Head of Department: St. John of God Hospital ,Supply Manager: St. John of God Hospital , Founder: Gospel Power Bible Church ,Chancellor: Gospel Power Educational Complex , Head of Divinity Department- GIBU ,Assist- National Director- GIBU Ghana Chapter , Curriculum Specialist and Director – GIBU, International Lecturer and professor- GIBU

  1. Bishop Dr. Calleb Odhiambo Oruko

Founder: Word Power Church, Approved School of Ministry & Kamilifu Care group,

Ass. Director GIBU LIBRARY, GIBU/CLC Kenya Chairman, Lecturer

  1. Bishop Dr. Mukiza M,James- GIBU Rwanda National Director, Lecturer

The Way Church Of Rwanda.

  1. Bishop Dr. Obi Delight Alex –GIBU Nigeria South, South Director
  2. Dear Dr. Clarence A. GreeneGIBU Director Port of Spain, republic of Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. (Caribbean region).
  3. 57. Rev. Dr. Elthena C. Rolle –GIBU Bahamas Director
  4. 58. Bishop Rhonda Branch Yearby . Ced. .H.DV -GIBU USA Texas Director
  5. 59. Amb Prof LION C.D Livingstone,

PhD. Th;  PhD.  Lead Admin; PhD. Phil; M.A.  Miss.;BA Ch. Edu; BA Child Edu; Ad. Cert of Proficiency Miss/Evang ; Dip. Th;

(Apostle/ Global Diplomat/UN Amb/Inter.H.R)

  1. 60. Prof. Goodwill Walter PhD

Founder & President  of Macedonia Bible College (Nigeria).

  1. 61. Bishop Dr. Jonathan Zozi Mn. H.Dv. (Zambia).
  2. 62. Rev. Rex. Blax Oduor Nelson Th. D.Dv (Kenya).
  3. Rev. Dr.Bihembe Muraqiz Thaddee, (Rwanda).M.Th DD.v
  4. Rev. Dr. Hezborn Okai M.Ed. D.Th (GIBU-Kenya Dean).
  5. Rev. Oscar Ebanja Monono

Bsc, MDiv, MBA, D.ed, DCC.

GIBU Thesis Committee Director,  Lecturer at Grace international bible university

Founder of peace ministry.

  1. Pastor Udi Josiah B.Th (Nigeria).
  2. Rev. Dr. Victor Dakar B.Th DD. (Zambia).
  3. Rev. Dr/ Samuel Buyah

 M.Ed. M.BA. DD. (Sierra Leone).

  1. Bishop Dr. Epidious Bwembya Mulopa

B.Ed. M.Th. D.Th (GIBU Local and International Lecture, and Head CLC. Zambia) .

  1. Rev. Kelvin Sinyangwe.- M.Th Lecture Zambia
  2. Rev. Dr. J. Salongo S. Kolon- Dip,Bth,BCE, MCE, DCE Lecturer Liberia
  3. Apostle Peter Lapuolo B.CE. Mth

National Director Liberia

.73.Apostle Alexander Bondo B.Mn, M.CED.

GIBU National Coordinator Liberia