GIBU Fees Structures and courses

GIBU (151) nations CONTINENTS AND REGIONS WERE GIBU IS AVAILABLE AS ARE FOLLOWS: 1. North America , Mexico, Canada, Bahamas and Caribbean Region 2. South America 3. United Kingdom 4. Asia  5. Africa, and  6. Australia. The University is growing by the Spirit of God and the Encouragement from God’s people. REGISTRATION FEES FOR AFRICAN … [Read more…]

G.I.B.U Announcement

Function & Responsibility of Grace International Bible University Founder, Chancellor & international Director Bishop Professor Rudolph Q.Kwanue Sr.PhD. To develop a comprehensive and responsible budget that is used to advance the institution’s strategic goals and priorities. To overseeing both human and financial resources in a manner that ensures accountability. To start a New College, Recognize … [Read more…]

GIBU Graduation Photographs

  Rev.Dr.Rudolph and his wife Rev.Mother Rita Kwanue  Grace International Bible University Democratic Doctorate Graduation  Grace International Bible University Liberia Graduation       GIBU Ghana Graduation Photograph September 27,2018   Recent Posts. Follow us on Facebook. Courses Tasting Events. Femmes touchent autant que les hommes sont devenus de grands classiques. Dérivé acide thioglycolique, … [Read more…]

GIBU Student Council

Rev. Dr. Alexander To Ghana National Director Doctoral Class President from the Republic of Ghana Et informez-le en outre il est particulièrement important de proposer périodiquement des promotions dans la limite de douze mois de traitement de 4 semaines, le pharmacien doit consigner la délivrance dans son software sous ‘exige prescription’. Sélectionne un produit ou … [Read more…]

GIBU Photos Gallery

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Bishop Dr.Benjamin Paris and his Team at USA Praying for the  University. Dr.Benjamin is the Director of Prayers Worldwide G.I.B.U.    GIBU Vision be Cofermed to Rev.Dr.Rudolph in Ghana  2017   Bishop Dr. Yebiyo G.I.B.U DRC Director traveled about 350 miles to to the Mountain in Democratic Republic of Congo to  seeking the face of  … [Read more…]