GTS Announcement

From the Office of the Founder, Chancellor, and International Director of Grace International Bible University

Subject: Name Change Announcement

Date: July 9, 2023

To: All Students, Affiliates, Accreditors, Alumni, Faculty, and Friends

Dear valued members of the Grace International Bible University community,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. I write to inform you officially that after careful consideration, the university has decided to change its name from Grace International Bible University (GIBU) to Grace Theological Seminary (GTS). This decision has been made for the following reasons:

  1. The Government of Liberia and the Rudolph Kwanue University College administration have reached an agreement to discontinue GIBU’s activities in Liberia. The focus will be directed solely towards Rudolph Kwanue University College, which is accredited and recognized by the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE), ensuring successful monitoring of its operations.
  2. Unfortunately, the vision of GIBU to assist Christian leaders and churches globally with free tuition has been misused and abused by certain pastors and church leaders. Some individuals have falsely claimed authorization from GIBU, thereby deviating from the university’s main objectives. This has led us to reconsider our approach and take appropriate action.
  3. GIBU currently operates as a distance education program monitored by our International President based in Maryland, USA. To safeguard its continued existence and ensure the well-being of our extended family, we have decided to maintain this operational structure.
  4. Disturbingly, there have been reports of fake GIBU institutions in various parts of the world, including Lofa County, Liberia, Nigeria, Uganda, and Ghana. These establishments have been using my name, the university logo, and forged signatures to scam individuals and churches. Such deceptive actions have no place within our organization.

Taking into account these significant factors, as agreed upon by our Board of Advisory and Board of Trustees, along with our International Leadership, I, as the founder and Chancellor of GIBU, hereby declare that Grace International Bible University will be officially renamed Grace Theological Seminary (GTS). It is essential to emphasize that our focus will now be solely on the Distance Education program offered from the USA, rather than Liberia, as commonly believed.

In light of this announcement, I kindly request our IT Department and the rest of the Leadership team to begin updating all media and publicity materials from GIBU to GTS accordingly.

Please be aware that those holding GIBU-recognized degrees, affiliations, and partnerships in the past will have their credentials upheld under the new name and policies.

We anticipate even more blessings in the years ahead, and with God’s help, we will overcome any obstacles we may face.

Welcome to Mama Grace Theological Seminary (GTS), a distinguished Distance Education program available in 163 nations worldwide, sharing the same objectives as GIBU.

Wishing you continued success and divine guidance.


Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr.

Founder, Chancellor,
Chair Board of Trustees

National Commission on High Education (NCHE) – Lineria

Letter of Commitment

Dear Honorable Director General,

I extend my warm greetings to you through this commitment letter, reflecting our agreement at the NCHE on July 5, 2023.

I am writing to inform the NCHE that I, Bishop Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr., as the President and founder of Rudolph Kwanue University College in Liberia, have had no affiliation with Grace International Bible University Liberia branch since 2022.

I am fully aware that Grace International Bible University is an accredited Distance Education Program based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, with collaborations, affiliations, and coverage from several other global universities.

In 2017, GIBU kindly offered free biblical education knowledge to our Christian churches in Liberia. However, it was not recognized by the government due to regulations. Consequently, we established Rudolph Kwanue University College (RKUC) in 2021.

Through this commitment, I distance myself from anyone found operating such a school in Liberia from July 5, 2023, onwards. The NCHE has the rightful authority to rebuke, revoke, block, and take legal action against the operators of Grace International Bible University.

It should be noted that before our current agreement, GIBU had graduates who were recognized in Liberia.

According to our agreement, the previous documents of GIBU graduates will not pose any harm to Liberia, provided GIBU is truly accredited by an approved agency, as the present regulations differ from the past.

Honorable Director General,

On July 6, 2023, I held a meeting with my international leadership team, and we collectively agreed on the following commitments to the NCHE:

  1. We will no longer accept any future enrollment from Liberian citizens in GIBU programs to avoid any further misunderstandings.
  2. In line with this resolution, we have decided to change the name from Grace International Bible University to Grace Theological Seminary (GTS). This change aims to protect the institution’s existence and external relationships and to provide the government of Liberia an opportunity to fully investigate and apprehend those who have been illegally operating in Liberia or Lofa County while falsely linking me to their activities.
  3. We also agreed that the school will be overseen by its international board of trustees, of which I, Bishop Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr., am a member in the USA states of Maryland, Georgia, and Florida. Additionally, I will serve as the chair consultant, since the Church of Grace International Ministries Inc., which I founded, officially gave birth to the institution. It is imperative to ensure that the vision of the church does not falter.
  4. The newly named Grace Theological Seminary, GTS, will distance itself from claiming any affiliation with Rudolph Kwanue University College (RKUC) in Liberia.
  5. We commit to completely phasing out the GIBU program in Liberia, which we have been working towards since 2021.
  6. We request that the NCHE, in the event of any future false allegations against me, conduct a fair investigation and gather sufficient evidence before summoning me. This approach will prevent any tarnishing of my reputation, which I have diligently built over the years.
  7. Lastly, if any proofs emerge in the future linking my name, Bishop Rudolph, to Grace International Bible University’s operational activities in Liberia, except the USA program where I am a chair on the university board, the government of Liberia should take legal action against me through the National Commission on Higher Education.

I am fully aware of the responsibilities involved in conducting higher education programs in a nation, and I am committed, as an educational stakeholder, to restoring Liberia’s global image.

We are thrilled to be part of this collective effort and eagerly look forward to collaborating with the NCHE.


Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr.
President and Founder
Rudolph Kwanue University College

Important information from the office of the Chancellor, Bishop Prof. Q. Kwanue, Sr. Ph.D.

To all GIBU and RKU Leaders around the world, especially those who operates study centers.

Please, don’t accept students that does not meet our admissions requirements as this will not be recognized by the government of Liberia.

Below is the required standard that has been approved by the Liberian government for the Rudolph Kwanue University College RKUC students admission’s policy.

All prospective applicants must be thoroughly scrutinized without favoritism.

I love leaders such as Rev. Dr. Joeys Montombay Itue of Cameroon and Prof. Frodouard Muhatimana of Rwanda who have always handled students lessons and enrollments professionally, and I don’t have any doubt on their students evaluations.

Note: There’s nothing like my children, church members, or friends in Quality Education System.

Higher education is competitive, and it’s our expectations that any graduate from RKUC must do better than graduates from other institutions and as such, all prospective students must present all their academic documents and degree transcripts from accredited universities or colleges.

We must do our best to crosscheck and know if their documents are from accredited institutions because these days, students have the tendencies to lie about their degree and academic status. Over the years, we have come across people with only honorary doctorate degrees but yet, parade themselves as doctorate degree holders and cause confusion on enrollment issues.

We can’t afford to enroll students who doesn’t have accredited academic diplomas or degrees into RKUC.


All successful applicants must provide the following to the admissions office in all countries.

  1. A properly completed application form.
  2. Two letters of recommendation (one must be from the last school attended and the other from your pastor or community authority).
  3. Both original and photocopy of High School Diploma.
  4. Both originals and photocopies of the West African Examination Council Certificate (WAEC/WAESSC) or regional certificate.
  5. A high school transcript with authorized seal
  6. Three recent passport sized photographs.

NB. RKU can not grant degrees to students from any country whose director does not meet the above stipulated academic criteria.

Our institution is not a degree mill but both a locally and internationally accredited school of a standard.

NB. All GIBU centers across the world should use Rudolph Kwanue University College as a name, while GIBU is a College of Theology accredited under Rudoph Kwanue University College in the Republic of Liberia.

I hope everything works out for all.

Bishop Prof. Rudolph. Q Kwanue, Sr. Ph.D.
GIBU and RKU Director.

Function & Responsibility of Grace International Bible University Founder, Chancellor & international Director
Bishop Professor Rudolph Q.Kwanue Sr.PhD.

  • To develop a comprehensive and responsible budget that is used to advance the institution’s strategic goals and priorities.
  • To overseeing both human and financial resources in a manner that ensures accountability.
  • To start a New College, Recognize and give Affiliation to Existence Institutions
  • To Approved International/National Leadership
  • To Interpret, Remained, Guard, Protect the University Vision and Mission Statement
  • To Appoint and Approved National Leaders in to their Position
  • To Encourage,Works with other Institutions
  • To Ordains, Consecrates,give permission and License to ministers in order to confirm their calling
  • And to Approved all Documents, and Information released out of the University/ Institutions

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  1. Kelvin

    How can I apply to this college?
    I can’t find the application form otherwise I am so much interested to study in this college.

  2. Obediah Korboi

    Congrats Dad. Great vision, great mindset, great mission, great ministry, great philosophy. Glad to have you in this generation.


    Dear Dr Kwanue,

    This is Buyinza Samuel,aged 32 yrs,male by sex and nationality Ugandan
    working with ministry of defence as Health Information Officer,
    applying for the above in your office and Apostle pastoring
    church-Tabernacle of Praise International Ministries.
    I would like to be your student in the faculty for training and
    attaining knowledge.

    i attended the Great Commission Bible College missouri,USA
    ( attaining Masters in Ministry, beginning with
    certificate in bibles studies, certificate in discipleship, Associate
    in Ministry, Bachelors degree in Theology and Masters in ministry.

    For more information contact the
    and Dean of the school. for my results

    student ID. BUSA102193

    I prefer to study in this faculty as student and how do i get admissions

    I will be grateful for your considerations and advice.

    Buyinza samuel-Uganda (africa)
    watsup +256777279033

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