Get Affiliated with GIBU and start your own Bible University


In April 2017 the Grace International Bible University was recognized by the Minnesota Church Ministry Association MCMA International Director in Accra Ghana MCMA has over Five thousand Churches within their association all around the World.


GIBU is recognized by:

1. Life in the Nations United Kingdom UK with about six thousand Churches around the World.

2. Solders of Christ is bounder by Bishop Dr.Benjamin Paris United Stated States of America .this Ministries having over three Thousands and five hundred  Pastors around the World.

3. Christian Leaders Connection CLC in the United States of America and around the World with about fifty thousand Churches.

GIBU is an affiliates with

Over  World Top thousands  accredited Bible Universities, Colleges, and Institutions.

Few Schools with GIBU International Affiliation   are:

1. Christian Theological Seminary – Liberia

2.Community Bible College and Seminary – Accra Ghana

3. Emmanuel Tabernacle Bible College and Doctors College – USA

4. International Ministers College – University of Theological Studies and Seminary –

5. Macedonia Bible College – Benin City, Nigeria

6. Oracle Christian Theological Seminary & Clergy Council – Accra, Ghana

7. Speak the Word Bible Training Center – Mathangwane, Botswana

8. The Believers Bible College – Bolgatanga Ghana

9. Word of Truth Bible Academy – USA

10Believers Theological Seminary Berekum, Ghana

11. International University of Management and Administration, Benin Republic

12. International Kingdom University,in Florida,USA.

Dr. Walter Goodwill is the founder and President of the

Macedonia Bible College – Benin City, Nigeria.



  1. One must have his or her own Church, ministry, Business, or have control over place of Worship Center,
  2. Create a climate for learning
  3. Send us your biography indication your life and Ministerial Experience
  4. One must be an affiliate with GIBU by paying the one time Affiliation fee of $250USD.
  5.  All affiliate Schools will pay 30% of Student Registration fee to GIBU international Headquarter in–Liberia, and  70% of graduation fee monitoring value.

    GIBU International is obigelated to all affiliate schools for Degrees/ Certificate production, Accreditation, and provision of textbooks and Curriculum sometimes providing Licensed Professors.

    Sometime, We helped EACH SCHOOL to setup the below leadership inorder to superegovern their Institution.

    • Director/ President
    • Assistant Director Vice- President
    • Dean of Student and Record
    • Coordinator/ National Coordinator
    • Administrator Assistance or
    • Administrative Assistance
    • Senior Adviser
    • General Secretary
    • Treasure
    • Curriculum and Text Book director
    • Head of Department

    Apply today and get GIBU affiliation for $250 USD and be part of our Global Universities Networks.
    Apply and Get Our International affiliation , Register and be a full member of GIBU.
    Apply for International Ministerial License, and Ordination Certificate.


Few Schools with GIBU affiliation  are:

Agape Missions Bible College – Rev. Dr. Joel Nteminyanda
Amazing Grace Ministries International – Rt. Rev. Bishop Dr. Pramod Goni
Believers Theological Seminary – Abednego Hassan Kamara
Believers Theological Seminary – Apostle Frank Antwi Boasiako
Carmel Bible Training Center – Bishop Dr. Sakindi Claude
Catch the Fire Ministries – School of Ministry – Bishop Dr. Fighton Chilufya
Christian Training Bible College – Rev. Dr. George Wanambisi Kurenji
Deliverance Pentecostal Ministries Int’l – AKA Dominion Chapel Worldwide – Rev. Bera Barisi Felix
Divine Intervention Ministries – Evangelist Pastor Alex Bataliwo
Generation Light International Bible University – Chap. Dr. Ikezahu Osagie Success
Global Foundation Bible College – Bishop Michael N. A. Mensah
Glorious Life Church – Rev. Alphonsus Mayobo
Good-news International Gospel Institute and Prophetic School GIGI (Interdenominational) – Prophetess Evans Ogo Igbokwe
Grace International Bible College – Kingali Rwanda
Grace International Bible University – Rev. Thulani Madambeak
His Love First International Ministries – Bishop Dr. Martin Tshangela
International Kingdom University – Dr. Yvonne B. Bentley
Kingdom Builders Theological Seminary – Rev. Dr. Dennis Eze
 JC of Nazareth Church Int’l LC of Excellence – Bishop Dr. Boison Boateng Nuamah
Mission Save our Souls Church – Rev. Kami Valence
MMGW Christian Academy, Inc. – Dr. Maureen Whitehead
Nicotas Bible School – Bishop Dr. Sam Godwin
Open Door Christian Ministry (ODCM) – Pastor Dr. Twagirumugabe Dominique
Overcomers Life Church – Bishop Geore Mogaka Momany
Soul Harvesters Theological Bible Institute – Apostle Victor Ogbonna
Soul Ministry – Thimothy Parishapogu
St. Anthony’s School – Pastor Charles Aybub Qaiser
The Lion of Judah Training Institute of TODAH – Bishop Dr. Laramie J. Jackson
The Radiant Bible college – Rt. Rev. Dr. Fred Oppong Ntow Kwabena
The Universal Apostolic Church – Rev. Dr. Blake
True Vine Family church – Bishop Dr. Michael Tshangela
Vision International Bible College & Seminary – Apostle Azalekor Anthony McLord
Wealth Builders University – Elvis Paisley
Western Young Leaders Initiative Society – Apostle Jackson Isaiah Sikolia
World Bible School University – Bishop Dr. Bill Hanshew

Global Vision Ministerial College And Clergy Council – Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Debrah

Believers Theological Seminary Berekum, Ghana-Apostle Dr. Frank Antwi Boasiako

Macedonia Bible College – Benin City, Nigeria. Dr. Walter Goodwill founder and President 

Dr. Walter  is one of the honest Affiliate with GIBU


Benefits of being an affiliate with GIBU:

1. You have entered Global recognitions

2. Your Institution will be recognized in (163) Nations where GIBU operates on correspondence program.

3. Your students will be confidence and have peace of mind.

4. Your School Degree/ Certificate will bear GIBU name and accreditation

5. You will receive Beautiful one to three years Affiliation Certificate

6. You will get free approves electronic textbooks

7. You will have access to GIBU International activities

8. You will join GIBU International Travels program

9. You will be licensed as GIBU International partner

10. Your Education life will be improved

11. You will be able to meet with World renowned Professors and Biblical Schalors

12. Your Will be under RKU and GIBU Covering

13. You will have direct link with GIBU Founder & Chancellor

*Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. PhD.*
Founder, Chancellor and International Director
WhatsApp #+231555-87-83-58

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. PhD.

Founder, Chancellor and International Director


Opportunity offers by Grace International Bible University.
There are people who have their personal vision, but need a backing and supports.

We are here to be a blessing in whatever ways.

If you are called to be a founder of University, College or School of Ministry, to set up your own school, we don’t have problem, our concern is that the Kingdom must be built.

You are free to choose any name for your school, if you want to maintain GIBU name, you are welcome if you are using your ministry or personal name, it’s okay.

If someone has chosen to set up a school, here are payments and conditions required;

  1. Accreditation is $1000 USD in all, this will enable you to produce your own degrees under IACE International Accreditation Commission for Education

This means that you are autonomous, you will provide your own Curriculum, and Professors but if you still chose to have affiliation with GIBU, that is another good choice, and that means you will pay 30% of your school fees to GIBU while 70% for graduation fee for each degree GIBU produced.

As an affiliate school, you don’t have right to produce your own degrees unless you have IACE Accreditation.

Sometimes, people choose to have both Affiliation and Accreditation with GIBU and IACE; and in this case, when the fees charged are paid, we can consider you since this will give more confidence to your students.

  1. Affiliation fee is $250. This doesn’t give you right to produce degree for your self but GIBU will assist you in the process of production for your students but you will send percentages of your operation; in some cases, both institutions names are mentioned on that certificate.

As affiliate school paying percentage to GIBU, you have the chance to receive all opportunities GIBU puts out and this includes Curriculum, books, flyers among others.

We have Curriculum, that are obtained per program below, are the catalogue:

  1. Curriculum for Certificate Program $ 70
  2. Curriculum for Diploma Program $ 100
  3. Curriculum for Associate Program $150
  4. Curriculum for Bachelor Degree $ 250
  5. Curriculum for Master Degree $ 350
    6 Curriculum for Doctorate Program $ 450 USD

You can calculate the total cost for the Degree level you want your school to stop and pay for that curriculum involved according to the above lists.

We are here to be a blessing in whatever ways.

Bishop Prof Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. PhD
Founder, Chancellor & International Director of
Grace International Bible University.
International Office Pipeline, Wein Town, Paynesville, City, Monrovia, Liberia
Contact =WhatSapp+231-77850-6462
WhatsApp +231-555-878-358
Office # +231-(777-2609-59/ 888-6315-95

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