GIBU Doctorate and Master Degree Requirements

Grace International Bible University


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  1. Do you offer credit for ministry experience?
  2. Yes, we will evaluate all of your ministry experience and apply as much credit as possible.
  3. How do I know if I need an evaluation?
  4. If you have two or more years ministry experience and/or education beyond high school, you will benefit from an evaluation.
  5. Is it possible to attend college if I did not graduate from High School?
  6. Yes, you may enter Grace International Bible University on a probationary status. If you maintain grades of “C” or better for one year, you will be moved to Standard Status.
  7. Can I take classes without working toward a degree?
  8. Yes, you may take classes for your own enrichment at a much lower cost than those working toward a degree.
  9. How do I get started?
  10. If you fill out an application and send it into our office with all other pertinent paperwork, we will give you direction very quickly.
  11. Do I need to send money with my application?
  12. Yes; there is a fees for Developing Nations
  1. How long do I have to finish a course taken by Correspondence?
  2. We expect courses to be finished according to the students reading and research ability. But we understand that delays can happen and we will consider extensions on a case by case basis.
  3. Do you have accreditation?
  4. Yes. Check the Accreditation page
  5. are there any website link, email ID, Phone Numbers?
  6. yes Grace international Bible University official website address : Email:
  1. How many Continents this University is now Presently Operating in?
  2. GIBU is presently in (6) Six Continents 1.South America, 2. North America, 3. United Kingdom UK, 4. Africa, 5. Australia and 6 Asia.
  3. does GIBU have Accelerated Degree Program, and up to what level?
  4. Yes GIBU get Accelerated Degrees program for only Senor Ministers with Bachelor, Master, Doctor and PhD degree Programs.
  5. How long is this Accelerated Degree program go for ?
  6. the Accelerated degree program is been conducted for one year five months including intensive 12  weeks of training those Senior ministers by answering 80 biblical Questions writing a short Thesis
  7. who is the founder of this University and is he from?
  8. Bishop Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr. is the founder of this University and he is a Liberian
  9. why GIBU must offers degree program on tuition free level?
  10. This is the Vision that God has given to Dr. Rudolph to help Christian Leaders around because they has been frustrated, left over, rejected, denial and has received refutation by the Societies and most of these Ministers does not having jobs opportunities, Connections, so GIBU been founded for such to bring joys in the body and motivation to Ministers.
  11. is there any leadership in Place at GIBU, what about Professors, and National Directors?
  12. Yes, GIBU been highly recognized Internationally as International Biblical Institution, GIBU have in place Board of trustees from different Continent of the World. with her Professors and National Leaders who themselves are Bishop of their Own Ministries, and having Biblical Degrees from World Major Universities and has committed themselves to work and served the University to bring Glory to God.


Rev. Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr.

GIBU Founder and international Director