Grace International Bible University 2022 Awards titles

Grace International Bible University and Rudolph Kwanue University 2022 Award Categories

  1. Honorary Doctor Degree Award.
    This award is given to those spend much time in the Educational sector for many years and has impacted lives positively.
  2. Education Hero Award.
    This award recognises those within the educational setting that went above and beyond to support young people, staff and the school throughout the pandemic.
  3. Headteacher / Principal / Dean of the Year
    This award recognises people within leadership who support staff by motivating them and leading them to their full potential.
  4. Teacher/ Lecturer of the Year
    This award is for teachers and lecturers who have gone above and beyond their job role in inspiring all students to reach there potential.
  5. Ambassador Award.
    This award is given to a committed leader with our Universities who put our Institutions Visions and other ahead in everything.
  6. Best Author award
    This award is given to the people who really endeavor to produce excellent books in the year.
  7. Higher Education Provider of the Year award.
    This is
    Awarded to a provider that combines an academic and outstanding widening participation programme. Which draws in diverse intake and provides support to students to help them thrive.
  8. Apprenticeship Provider
    This award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate an educational provider’s exceptional contributions to the apprenticeship programmes they provide.
  9. Transforming Lives through Partnerships
    This category recognises educational settings who have transformed the life chances for young people through effective partnership working with organisations offering their services.
  10. Outstanding Support for Students
    This award for an educational establishment that prides itself on the support that has been given to the students.
  11. Sustainability Award
    This award is for an educational establishment or organisation who can demonstrate ways that they have contributed to sustainability. This can be in the form of a whole school / establishment approach.
  12. Women in STEM award
    This Award recognises outstanding contributions of Women in STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
  13. Educational Resource Provider of the Year
    This award recognises organisations that provide educational resources to those working with Education.
  14. Wellbeing Award
    Recognises the outstanding work being done to promote mental health and wellbeing.
  15. Innovation Award
    This Award will recognise people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.
  16. Best Leader award this award is given to someone who have extra leadership ability