Grace Theological Seminary History


GIBU got her genesis from the Church of Grace International Ministry Inc. officially established on September 16, 2007 in Monrovia around the Paynesville Wein Town Community area.

Rev. Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr.

Earned AA, BTh, B. Ed,  M.Min. Ms. Mission H.D and PhD.

The Founder & International director     GIBU & GTS.

Senior Pastor Founder and National Overseer Church of Grace International Ministries Inc. Founder Pastor Rudolph Care foundation

Rev. Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr. and his wife Rev. Rita N. Kwanue earnestly prayed for a vision of accomplishment and God spoke to Dr. Kwanue on the afternoon of February 18th , 2009 and gave him the vision .

The Lord Said Son, you are called to a Global Vision be ready, you will suffer so many things but I will be with you.

keep in mind that your family will go with little food, clothes, shelter, and finance for a five (5) year period and after all you will reap what you have propagated.

 This was a difficult moment for me with the statement made by the Lord.

A day later, while resting in the same area at our Church at about three in the afternoon once again, I has a vision.

Behold three angles appeared to me with the same message as the Lord has told me earlier.

Finally one of the angles Declared to me Rudolph, yes Lord I replied, he said all your long suffering pronounced at the end will bring glory to the name of the Lord.

I asked the question Sir, how can I get the support needed? He answered when the Lord gives a Vision, He gives provision, do not worry son be strong.

After three months I explained this vision to my wife and she rebuked me for having gone through this suffering alone for so long.

She said God forbid, ha-ha-ha Dr. Kwanue laughed and explained the vision in detail to her and she understood and agreed. When God allows it to be done she said.

The Church began to worship and things begin to happen positively. While experiencing the words pronounced by those Angels earlier.

Dr. Kwanue and his family have sacrificed and gone without food, clothes, shelter, and finances for over 5 years while the Church conducted regular services training children and ministers with biblical knowledge needed.

afterward in 2014, Dr. Kwanue’s  got his Associate of Arts Degree from the Licosses Mobile Teaching training college in School Administration.

By this time Dr. Kwanue has his own private Academy training children for their future with the name: Grace Mission School GMS bearing the Motto Education, the future foundation.

 Dr. Kwanue’s school has almost grown to senior high school level in Liberia with it’s campus at Pipeline.  GMS has graduated over 3500 Liberian children since its establishment.

In 2009,  Dr. Kwanue who is now one of the founding members and National Coordinator of the Minnesota Church Ministry Association MCMA Liberia chapter was in communication with Bishop Dr. Timothy A. Johnson, USA to become General Overseer over the ministry and global vision.

Dr. Timothy requested a number of documents from Dr. Kwanue to be assured of this great vision.

Dr. Kwanue provided all the necessary documents requested.

Over a three month period of careful evaluation, and prayers Bishop Dr. Johnson, executive director MCMA world wide agreed to Oversee the Church, and school.

GMS has been giving support to her students, helping the poor, giving scholarships to the needy.

On September 28th, 2014, at about 3:38am the entire church, school, and Dr. kwanue home was completely destroyed by a devastating hurricane.

This was a part of testing his faith.

There was an arrangement between Dr. Kwanue and one passionate leader named. Hon. Daniel M. MarnweahSr. Hon. Marnweah re-constructed the entire edifice better than before.

Hon. Daniel M. MarnweahSr.

Grace continued with the struggles as Dr. Kwanue begins to train ministers giving them certificates.

Afterward in 2017, he communicated with Rev. Dr. Howard Sands in Australia the founder of the African Network Bibl College.

Dr. Howard responded positively, by then both he and Dr. Howard has been invited by Bishop Dr. Ben Christopher Don from Kumesi Ghana to attend a Global conference of Apostles, prophets, Teachers and Ministers under the theme: “walking under the power of the Apostles with wondered miracles.

This was a big and important international gathering of Godly leaders.

Dr. Kwanue was proud to be present at this conference and to affiliate GIBU with other Universities and colleges and seek outside acceptance as well.

He traveled by road through Cote d’ Ivories were he slept in Denalay in a local hotel, at Abidjan he slept on the street among marketers.

This was not a problem for him; he had done so before as a missionary.

He began his journey to Ghana the next day and arrived in Ghana at night.

By 2:am his host telephone was turned off at that moment.

Making his way to rest at the recommended hotel, he was arrested for a criminal claiming himself as a hotel manager in Ghana.

The so called manager at Joyer-fex Hotel at Kumesi put Dr. Kwanue and the taxi Driver that night under house arrest for 4 hours and threatened to harm them if they tried anything.

Sometime later God performed a miracle and released both he and his driver who was a Ghanaian where they spent the night at the police station.

Early the next morning, a Ghanaian police officer conversed with Dr. Christopher, who later received him at the church.

Dr. Kwanue arrived in Ghana and spent three days at the conference, having suffered many things along the way.

Sometime later he met with Apostle Dr. Chris Checume the founder and President of Winner Theological Seminary Togo where both of them spent three days together in the same room.

Dr.Rudolph Kwanue with Dr.Chris Togo and Apostle Sunday Pa.from Accra Ghana at Kumisi Ghana 2017 International Assembly of Christian Leadership.

Dr. Chris encouraged Dr. Kwanue about GIBU greatest future where he recognized GIBU and gave affiliation.

A day later Dr. Howard the founder of the Africa Network Bible College had a discussion with Dr. Kwanue on University promotion, the talk lasted for 6 hours GIBU was recognized by the Austrians Rev. Dr. Sand.

Several days later Dr. Kwanue left Kumesi, conference and traveled to Accra to meet with the MCMA global Director, Bishop Dr. Timothy A. Johnson an MCMA official recognized GIBU.

Bishop Dr.Timothy A.Johnson Mcma International Executive Director World wide with Rev.Dr.Rudolph Q. Kwanue In Accra Ghana 2017 April 27 Recognizing GIBU as one of the Renounced Christian Education Institution in the World.

Dr. Kwanue continued to Ghana where he introduced GIBU to a host of ministers including Pastor Daniel Adjei founder of Christendom Intl. worship Center, GIBU was recognized there as well.

Dr. Kwanue returned home on May 1, 2017 ,Were he met with his Late Sister name Finish farm Kwanue Death that make him so sad again.

After the period of bereavement, he organized quite a few meetings with many Liberian; Ministers about GIBU, they  all  received his vision with gladness.

Rev. Trustine Momo, Rev.Wallace B.Kamara, Rev.Stephen Z. Holder, Rev.VaraC.Benson  Rev.FesterD.Flomo among other Liberian Ministers were present at the first meetings.

On June 1, 2017 GIBU receive her international affiliation to officially operate as a online or campus based Bible college by the Harvest Bible University.

And was fully accredited by the world wild Accreditation from WWAC on March 8. 2018.

Dr. Kwanue officially lunched GIBU online  with the Name Grace International Bible College for a degree program on March 4, 2017 appointing Bishop Dr. Fightion as Zambia Director, while  Bishop Dr. Jacob as appointed as Kenya director a week later.

The Future of GIBC been made known by Rev Dr. Austin Eugene from Australia in Ghana to Dr Kwanue at the International Assembly in April 25, 2017

Bishop Dr. Timothy A. Johnson GIBU International Advisor ,  USA

Executive Director MCMA World wilde General Overseer Church of Grace International Ministries Inc.

Was chosen as International advisor Sine May 16, 2017. He is the executive director of Mcma world wile 

Bishop Dr. Fighton Chilufya  M.Dip. Bth, M. Dv.H.D D.Th.

Zambia Director was  appointed  on March 4, 2017

International Dean

Bishop Dr. Jacob Ekutan Etheri  Bth H.D

Kenya Director March 17, 2017


 Bishop Dr. Frank A. Willett

Bth, M.Div. H.D. & PHD, USA

International President GIBU. General Overseer Worldwide word of truth Deliverance Ministries Inc. President word of truth Bible Academy.

Bishop Dr. Frank was appointed as world president on August 12, 2017, when he recognized GIBU and gives affiliation from world of truth Bible  Academy USA.

MIN. Dpi.Bth, H. DthRev. Dr. Wesley  Puckree

GIBU South Africa National Director 

Bishop Dr. Yebiyo Ghebrezghi.

National Director of the GIBU Democratic Republic of Congo 

Bishop Goni India

Rev.George Kenya

Rev. Dr. Antony Walto

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Director

Bishop Dr. Timothy A. Johnson GIBU Executive Director – USA

Dr.Rudolph arrived at Kotota Airport Accra Ghana on September 23,2018 to Inaugurate GIBU Ghana Charter, Consecrate, Ordains, Ministers, and to Graduate GIBU Ghanaian Students.

Rev. Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr.hD.

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr. Present Doctor Degree to Dr. Simon Pierre in Rwanda