GIBU & GTS Vision & Mission


Our Vision is to empower men and women of God to become academically, morally and spiritually equipped through sound theological, tuition-free education to effectively fulfil the Great Commission


To offer Tuition-Free Quality Biblical and General Education and Produce Godly Leaders worldwide via establishing Colleges, giving affiliations to Churches, and also reaching out with Scholarship for Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate Programs

                      Strategic Objectives

To assist in offering free tuition to Christians via the following:

1. Establishment of Colleges in more than One Hundred and Fifty (163) Nations,
2. Giving affiliations to about fifty thousands(50,000) Churches,
3. Reaching out with over two hundred and fifty thousands (250,000) Scholarship on Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate Programs Worldwide

MORE ABOUT GTS Mission Activities

The key to changing society is the presence of the kingdom of God. Its presence comes as people turn to Christ, churches are formed, and believers live and do the works of Christ.

This includes prayer, righteous living, evangelism, serving others, feeding the poor, healing the sick, teaching the Word, working and speaking out against evil, church planting, and much more. Through these and other methods believers engage in a series of power encounters with the enemy too. Prophetic witness, prayer, evangelism, helping the poor, loans to entrepreneurs in the “majority world,”—these and many other methods are being used by Christians to attack the evil that grips cities around the world.


GRACE helps in the following areas:

We are molded to help each Pastor/Minister start their own Bible School at their own Church. We will help set up a National Director in each Nation. We will help them with electronic teaching Materials and University Curriculum. We constantly guard them with the administrative decisions. We Provide them and International Recognized and Accredited Biblical University Degrees upon completion of prescribed courses and with the direct recommendation of their County/National Director. Grace is about equipping believers regardless of denominations.

GIBU loves to train ministers and church leaders. To partner with other ministries and individual ministers, to provide a scholarship for all students, And many opportunities to all people who may need it.

GTS recognizes and honors Most Senior Ministers of the Gospel, and leaders of the community, organizations, and state, who has worked with God and His people for So many years and has made numerous important impartations in the lives of people communities, organizations and nations.  Grace can officially honor such a leader..