His Excellency Dr. George M. Weah President of the Republic of Liberia is worth a Life President.

His Excellency Dr. George M. Weah President of the Republic of Liberia is worth a Life President.

By Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr. PhD.

Majority of us Liberians have not and will never regret electing Dr. George Weah as the President of Liberia, because since he assumed office as the President of Liberia, he has provided us Liberians with what I will describe as true leadership.

I have been an independent supporter of President Weah since 2005, and even now that I speak. I have always spent my personal money and other resources for his electioneering campaigns since he declared his intensions to becoming the president of Liberia in 2004. And also, in 2005, I supported him through to 2017, and my unflinching support for him come 2023 is non-negotiable, and in fact, I have already started my ground work again.

With all I have done so far spending my personal money and other resources to see him emerge and succeed as the president, I have no aspiration to work with or gain anything selfishly from the government.

I have never even had the opportunity to see him face to face or meet him one-on-one because my efforts and sacrifices for him are selfless, and my love for him is unconditional.

But why am I always a proud independent supporter of President Dr. George Weah’s presidency?

Besides my many other reasons for supporting him, President George Weah is a gift from God to us Liberians.

One of my main reason for supporting his life time presidency is that he is making sure that we Liberian Citizens live in peace and enjoy our country.

What I am saying here only someone with third eyes can see it and understand it.
Only High-class reasoning brain will accept the fact of my analysis.

President George Weah has done something that 89% of his predecessors couldn’t do.

Since he came into power in just five years ago, after taking one year to carefully studied and observed the needs of the people, he has greatly succeeded in achieving the following:

  1. Construction of good road networks.
  2. Building of standard mini sport stadiums across the country.
  3. Building peaceful relationships with members of the opposition.
  4. Visitations to poor homes and communities.
  5. Successfully approving of dual citizenship for Liberian citizens and foreign nationals that are residents in the country.
  6. Managing a country that came out of 14 years of bloodshed with inadequate manpower to provide security management for the nation.
  7. Making sure that his government is recognized by the USA and the international community.
  8. Advocating for Liberia own airline that has heavily been fought against be selfish politicians.
  9. Building of hospitals across the nation.
  10. Building markets across the country for our market women.
  11. Giving executive order to releasing 500 prisoners who have spent over 20 years in the prison something that 223 prisoners has already benefited.
  12. Encouraging his wife to build the Clar M. Weah Foundation in both Montaerrado and Grandbassa counties.
  13. Building multiple Housing Units across the country, and others too numerous to mention, in a country like Liberia that’s difficult to rule, due to the background of her citizens and their many ideas and experiences about go governance and human existence in other parts of the world.

Over the years, President George Weah has welcomed criticisms from members of the opposition, and run the administration of the country with high level competency, thereby commanding the love of more than 85% of the citizens for his seriousness as a leader and his maturity in handling issues.

I have seen many of his good road networks established across the nation of Liberia, but what makes me to share tears of joy is the road leading from Gbarnga Bong County to Lofa County, where his most critics and major oppositions came from, and Ganta Loguoto Road that’s leading to my home, something that no past president has ever think about since July 26, 1847.

Before now, I used to drive for 2 or 3 days before reaching my home or village, but now, because of the new development occasioned by President George Weah, I now drive 8 hours from Monrovia to Beolay Gbehnelay, the borderline between Liberia and Ivory Coast.

The most interesting part of this President that warrants all Liberian Citizens to support his lifetime presidency is that he accepts any given name by anyone or organization. This proves that he is a president for everyone.

Whenever he visits criminal camps, they can even give him criminal names and he has no problem.

Whenever he visits the traditional people, they give him new names and he flows with them all. The same applies to the churches, mosques, the Zoes, the Chiefs, and even one of his recently accepted name is ‘Mr bad road medicine’, can you imagine!

The church has given him pastoral title and he accepted. He even built his own church which is the biggest with over two thousand capacity.

President George Weah is the only person in Liberia whom since after his inauguration has told the people of Liberia that his salary will be divided into two, where he takes home half of his salary and being sent to the country’s account, and it has been so.

He is the first Liberia President since 175 years ago, to declare all public schools including universities tuition free.
What more do we need as Country and people?

I am very interested in this president George Weah as a super successful man.

Everything about him is interesting since his football days until now.

But those who thinks politics is all to it are making big mistakes and God has always put them to shame and disgrace.

So many pastors and churches are taking time out to pray for President George Weah, we are in good numbers running into millions that are doing this, both here in Liberia and in other countries.

I’m leading this prayers campaign with my Universities Grace International Bible University www.gibu.education and Rudoph Kwanue University members and Christian Leaders connection CLC.

Dr. George Weah, Your 2023 it’s a must!

Congratulations to you Mr. President.

Your lifetime presidency is sure.

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr. Ph.D.
Founder, Chancellor,and International Director of Grace International Bible University and Rudolph Kwanue University, Pipeline, Wein Town Community, Paynesville, Monrovia, Liberia.
Email: admin@gibu.education