Independent Council Of Liberian Churches ICLC Inc.

Looking at the history of our nation the Church needs to be to involve in every direction; we can’t be silent in terms of nation building process.
Liberia has a victory and funny illness (citizenship mind-set) the mind of people in a way that there has been no resolution to it.
The mind of many Liberians is occupied with the following destructive actions as described below:
Un-development, dependent syndrome, negative detractors, and critics.
The country itself is positioned on a very rich soil.
As you can see, look, or think that our country has all you think other nations may need thereof.
Liberia is the only country we have; no one deports you in Liberia.
You can be deported from elsewhere but will send you back in Liberia.

There is no other nation on the planet earth that you belong, only Liberia.
Liberia belongs to Liberians; we must cherish, care, love, respect, protect, support, build, develop, motivate, and empower our nation.

VISION: To Represent Christ, and to unite the Body.

MISSION: To bring all Churches & Christian Organizations together under one umbrella, whether in the cities or Villages, without discrimination and to work with Government, Embassies, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as well as all Citizens to maintain our country in unity and peace.
NB: we are neither a breakaway nor member with Liberian Council of Churches LCC. We respect them, they are our Parent, we will love to work with them in any good direction in the interest of our country and Christian community in general. We do recognize their good work, but we have different platform all together that make us independent Council.

Independent Council of Liberia Churches ICLC inc.
will want to know the total number of pastors in the country, their prerequisite, and to make sure that all ministers are licensed, ordained, authorized to minister within the Republic. We will not just encourage any minister anyhow from anywhere into the Country without our knowledge. Our country/people must be respected; we had witnessed all kinds of fake ministers coming into Liberia in the name of establishing churches, performing fake miracles, and taking huge money from our innocent people which is unethical.
This Body will put an end to all before June of 2020.

We must have all record on every Minister across the nation before June of 2010.

On the other hand, we ask the Government of the Republic of Liberia, (our Law makers) to separate the Government Accreditation Body, National Commission on High Education NCHC from the Religious Intuitions through Independent Council of Liberia Churches as our Legal document/ documented in our incoopreation.

This is to say, NCHE should only be able to regulate the Secular Institutions but not Biblical/ religious institution, in some Countries, Government Accrediting Body accredit only Secular Institution that offer credits in secular field, in other sense, they charge fee per their courses; this is not with Biblical institution that does not charge fee to students therefore, religious body, regulates, approve all regular Institutions.

It touches my soul that many Bible Schools have been closed down by the Governments in the time past; something that has kept our Pastors/Christians untrained.
However, the religious community through the Lord through the Independent Council of Liberian Churches is asking the Government to see the need to respond to our concern.
To work with and recognize all Local and international Churches/ Christian Organizations in or coming into the country.
To help the National Government in the national building process
To introduce and recognize biblical institutions
To make way for other Christian Organizations to come into the Country
To ensure that the Church, and nation maintain its values
To speak and correct negative words or actions against the nation.
To work with the Government for the smooth movement of the Country
To help accredited, approve, recognize Biblical Intuitions coming into Liberia in line with Ministry of Education
The Church must answer the Church problems.
To give authorization to Biblical institutions of high learning, to license Biblical Institutions
To be a religious body that will regulate all religious affairs in the country
To advocate and seek the attention and interest of the Church
To work with traditional people, Islam and other religious organizations in the Country
To work with all citizens that peace and stability may reign in the country
To help adopt new good policies in the interest of the nation/ the Church
To settle conflict among Churches and individual Ministers
To add more values for establishing Churches and missionary work in the country.
To provide further education opportunity for Pastors and Church leaders who are desirous of advanced studies in Theological education, and other training programs necessary and useful for the development of trained and dedicated Christian leaders for both Church and society;
About US
The independent Council of Liberian Churches (ICLC) was funded by Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. a Liberian, citizen of Nimbi County, who is also the Founder, Chancellor and International Director of Grace International Bible University and Christian Leaders Connection CLC with her branches in (150) nations around the world. with the broadest and most wide-ranging among the many organized terminology of our movement whose focus is Christian love, care, and true unity.
The ICLC brings together churches, denominations, church fellowships and Christian Organizations in more than 150 countries and territories in every geographical locations of the world.
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