Rudolph Kwanue University College (RKUC).

Message from RKU President
Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr.

Welcome to Rudolph Kwanue University College, the Rising Star of Liberia, and the globe!
RKUC is a one of the top Accredited Universities in Liberia, located at Pipeline, Wein Town Community, Paynesville Republic of Liberia.

RKUC conduct both traditional programs and distance education our students often comment on the collegiality and sense of community that exists on our campus, as well as the many educational, cultural, and social activities within easy reach.

We are a diverse institution with over Statelies Campuses or Distance Students coming from in 163 Nations Globally.

We are one of the five most popular universities in the nation Liberia and are extremely proud of our high graduation rates.

We are dedicated to supporting them through graduation and into the next stages of professional and personal development.

At RKU, we provide a premier, student-centered educational experience to all students.

We appreciate the diverse opinions and experiences international students bring to our campus as they enrich our learning and working environment.

Our international students are engaged in numerous academic and extracurricular activities.

For example, our
International Education travel plans and general assembly in the USA, UK, Africa and Australia yearly.

We dedicated to international events and activities.

These well-attended events, along with many others, exemplify Rudolph Kwanue University spirit of inclusiveness for all types of ideas and people.

On behalf of the university, I am so pleased that you are considering RKU and hope this message and catolog provides the information you are looking for as you choose an institution that will best meet your academic needs.

Our Website’s will links or you to general information about our university and community, as well as information about many programs Rudolph Kwanue offers especially for international students including new student orientations, socials and events throughout the year, mentoring opportunities, and options for additional English instruction for non-native speakers.

In addition to the information on this website, members of the International Office, as well as many others around campus are available to answer your questions and assist you.

We understand studying in the online can be exciting, but also a great challenge. Therefore, we will make every effort to support you as you experience the many educational and social opportunities that will make your time with us as rewarding as you hope it will be.

Finally, your decision to attend RKU will mean much more than earning a college degree.

You will be an integral part of the university’s commitment to diversity and globalization and will ensure the RKU community develops a broader understanding of the world and its many cultures.

By educating you, Rudolph Kwanue University will become a better place and a stronger university.

  1. RKU Founding In
  2. ventor
    Organizational Structure
    Chancellor & President
    Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. PhD.
  3. Chairman
    Archbishop Prof. Yebiyo Ghebrezghi DRC.
  4. Vice President
    Archbishop Prof. Frank A. Willett -USA
  5. IT Coordinator
    Chief Programming
    Dr. Israel Anthony Blessing -Ghana
  6. Academic Dean
    Dr. Yanwoi K. Suborzu Liberia
  7. Distance Learning Supervisor
    Prof. Goodwill Walter Nigeria
  8. Research and Marketing Director
    Dr.Oscar Monono
  9. Dean of Admissions
    Dr. Frodouard Muhayiman =Rwanda
  10. Senior Consultant RKU
    Archbishop Prof. Emmanuel Osei Bonsu USA
  11. Director of Operations
    Dr. Jeremiah Tiffa
  12. National Coordinator
    Apostle Peter Lepulo -Liberia
    Dean of Academic Affairs
  13. Administrator
    Dr. Zephanie Rwamakuba- Rwanda
  14. Public Relation Officer
    Dr. paul Allue Kamara Sierra Leone
    Human Resource Director
  15. Dr. Daniel Noko Ezekiel Liberia
  16. Prof. Dr. Sanjay  Rout from India, Curriculum Specialist, member of Grace International Bible University Executive Council and Acting Director of Reserch Development at Rudolph Kwanue University (RKU),,,