Statement of Faith




Grace Innternational Bible University & Grace Theological Seminary is inter-denominational and has been established to work in concert with churches and other ministries in the area who want to see a rapid increase in the number and effectiveness of churches in the City.

Grace leaves people’s to civilization and socioeconomic identity intact.

It is a multi-ethnic school that helps each group develops its own approach to reaching its people for Christ.

Grace is designed for regular people who will never be able to afford a major Christian university or Collage education; for people who come from oral tradition cultures and therefore do not fit in well with the dominant academic establishment; and for people who have been “marginalized” by “the system” for any number of other reasons.

Grace is designed to develop character, Bible knowledge, relationship with God, and ministry capability.

It uses only teachers, who are spiritually mature and have ministries themselves; who teach from experience as well as academic preparation.

Every teacher is gifted with the ability to make the classroom come alive, to cause learning and life-change right in the room with little outside homework needed.

Grace is designed for working people with families who are active in their own churches and, therefore, do not have great amounts of time for schooling.

Rev.Dr.Rudolph Q.Kwanue Sr. PhD.