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Grace International Bible University National Directors

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General Title Description for GIBU Director As a GIBU director your primary duty is to favorably represent God in every moral or ethical decision and action you make. To be a leader means to serve all men. As a GIBU director your responsibilities are as follows:

• Ensure that all GIBU policies and procedures are implemented.

• Promote a culture of respect, co-operation, and excellence within your area of influence.

• Assist directors and instructors directly below you by providing leadership to help them fulfill the highest possible level of excellence in their position.

• Work and assist other directors when asked to ensure the success of GIBU.

• Articulate the goals of the founder and directors above you, articulate the founder’s and director’s requests in pursuit of these aims, and maintain a climate that is hospitable and encourages faculty engagement, participation, collegiality, and innovation.

• Assist in recognizing areas of deficiencies and help in developing plans or procedures to remedy those deficiencies.

• Oversee existing schools and help identify new potential school locations and assist in the opening of new locations.

• Be attentive to struggles and problems confronting directors, teachers, and students below you and strive to alleviate those issues.

• Report to the director directly above you concerning any and all problems that arise or that you see may potentially arise.

• Work to improve curriculum and ways to facilitate and enhance the student’s education.

• Seek out potential new students and assist them in gathering needed information to facilitate their entry as a student of GIBU.

Rev. Dr. Charles J. Sathmary 
Director of Canada, and South America.
International President of Christian Leaders Connection CLC.
Vice President of International accreditation Commission for Education IACE.

The late Archbishop Dr. Goni GIBU India Director
May his soul rest in peace